Why attend?

MINT. A global collective, a brilliant localised experience.
For marketers by marketers.

MINT Global in Amsterdam is a very different type of event from the normal fair you’ve probably experienced many times before. If you like big, bland venues then MINT is not for you. If you like walking around large conference halls whilst avoiding over eager sales people, then MINT is probably not for you. If you like hearing the same things you heard last year then MINT is definitely not for you…

MINT Global is different:

We limit ALL our events to around 120 people. Why? Because after years of organising events, (our own and for others) we know it works. We limit the attendee numbers to ensure there are plenty of opportunities for interesting worthwhile conversations and networking. In a setting where you will be able to engage easily.

Our agenda is focused on content you typically won’t find at other conferences. Innovative, insightful and practical.

A focus on connecting with fellow delegates:

  • A kick-off drinks reception on the eve of the event to break the ice and start your networking.
  • Our unique ‘connections process to make sure you meet your top 5 contacts.
  • Participative roundtables where you deep dive into key topics with 10-12 fellow delegates.
  • Last but not least, a safari style dinner cruise along Amsterdam’s famous canals. A final chance to connect before the end of the conference.

What’s in it for you?

MEET Our alliance of innovative marketers from around the world (Many members of The Global Marketing Alliance), come together several times a year in various global cities. Join our community, meet like minded people, do more business and solve real problems.
LEARN We curate the best speakers, all leading lights in their chosen field and all with a simple brief. Inspire, educate and surprise our delegates. Show them real life examples. Explain what went wrong as well as what went well.

MINT Global is a truly immersive experience of learning, business opportunities and networking. From the unique venue at the historical Heineken Brewery to the evening, canal cruise, this is one event you’ll remember long after you’re back at your desk. Add great people, great content and a friendly organising team, and you can’t go wrong.

What people said about MINT 2016

<?php Simon Baker ?>

MINT has it all, a line-up of expert speakers from a wide variety of industry giving their unique insight, a packed room full of industry leaders who are hungry to learn and to debate, and a venue that puts all other conferences to shame. What makes MINT different is that it is really well put together but very relaxed at the same time.

Simon Baker
ITN Productions,
Head of Branded Content
<?php Iain Lovatt ?>

This conference ticks all the boxes of what is required. Fabulous content that educates and informs the attendees, attendees who have a desire to exchange views and thoughts with one another and network to mutual benefit and finally a venue and time table that is relaxed and informal with excellent attendee events to create the perfect environment

Iain Lovatt
Blue Group,
<?php Chris Combemale ?>

The Mint Global event in Amsterdam provided an excellent opportunity for data-driven marketers from around the world to share ideas and discuss the latest trends. The event struck exactly the right balance between content and networking in one of the prettiest cities in the world.

Chris Combemale
Direct Marketing Association,
Group CEO
<?php Megan Collins ?>

MINT Global is one of the best marketing events I have been to. It was the perfect combination of really insightful and thought provoking lectures and networking opportunities in a really fun and interesting programme of events. It has been 7 months since I attended and I am still referring to notes I made at the conference and in touch with many of the attendees. MINT is definitely worth attending if you are looking for interesting marketing discussion to affect your 2017/18 planning and strategy.

Megan Collins
Head of Marketing
<?php Francesco Federico ?>

MINT is a truly inspiring event which leaves you with pragmatic inputs to execute once back in the office. Plus, the great balance of brands and agencies makes MINT a very pleasant networking happening.

Francesco Federico
Global Digital Marketing Director
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Topics at glance

For marketing leaders focusing on future proofing their businesses, the primary challenges are around communication and leadership

Brains and Brands in a Digital World
Brains and Brands in a Digital World
Brains and Brands in a Digital World
Digital Transformation: Do or Die?
Digital Transformation: Do or Die?
Digital Transformation: Do or Die?
Making Innovation Happen
Making Innovation Happen
Making Innovation Happen
The Art of Social Listening
The Art of Social Listening
The Art of Social Listening
Ready, Steady, Regulation!
Ready, Steady, Regulation!
Ready, Steady, Regulation!
Convincing the CFO that Marketing has Real Value
Convincing the CFO that Marketing has Real Value
Convincing the CFO that Marketing has Real Value
Think Forward - Social Trends, AI, & Dark Data
Think Forward - Social Trends, AI, & Dark Data
Think Forward - Social Trends, AI, & Dark Data
Data & Insight: Focusing Externally NOT Internally
Data & Insight: Focusing Externally NOT Internally
Data & Insight: Focusing Externally NOT Internally

Speaker Line-Up

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MINT Workshops 1.30pm – 5.30pm

These workshops run concurrently.

How GDPR and ePrivacy will impact on marketing

What we know and what we don’t know…

The General Data Protection Regulation is now written into law and implementation in May 2018 is fast approaching, but there are still some key areas for marketers where guidance is needed. Meanwhile, the ePrivacy Regulation – which affects all types of electronic messaging and cookie use – is progressing through the European law-making machine.

Join Rosemary Smith, Director of data protection and permission marketing consultancy Opt-4, for an overview of both Regulations focusing on the important changes for marketers and how to prepare for the known and the unknown.

Rosemary Smith


Data Aided Marketing (DAM)

A three-hour session on best practice engagement and demand generation marketing, showcasing best-of-breed cases from around the world alongside top trends for this year.

This session will focus on various aspects of data driven marketing: not just digital examples around programmatic, content marketing and marketing automation, but also multi-channel programmes that use both digital and traditional together. In short, a fast-paced session on both quick-win ideas and smart strategic goals.

The session will be run by Steve Kemish, Junction and Craig Hanna, Global Marketing Alliance.

How GDPR and ePrivacy will impact on marketing


1.30pm – 5.30pm Infocore Direct Marketing Summit

A series of presentations and discussion groups with marketing experts digging into best practices and exciting innovations in the discipline of direct marketing.


Please note, space is limited for this event.

6pm – 9pm MINT Kick-off PartyInfocore

Café Flinckflink Eerste van der Helststraat 51, 1073 AD Amsterdam

MINT Global gets underway at a traditional Dutch Café in the heart of Amsterdam for drinks and traditional snacks.
It’s a perfect way to begin meeting fellow MINT delegates and networking with partners and colleagues
Kindly sponsored by Infocore, join us at Café Flinck at 6pm and get MINT Global 2017 rolling.


Breakfast & Registration


Welcome Address

Morning Moderator

Craig Hanna, Managing Partner, Global Marketing Alliance


Brains and brands in a digital world – the new rules of engagement

  • Our world is dominated by change and the pace of it is greater than ever before. In many ways, marketers can’t get by doing the same things they did even a year ago and even some of our fundamental brain skills are changing.
  • However, regardless of changes in platforms, channels and devices there are some constants that marketers can rely on.
  • What are they and how can your organisation take different actions to trigger them in a digital world?
  • Hear why neuroscience is a new tool in the marketers’ armoury to both help understand these things, and help measure them

Mèv Bertrand, Consultant, Neuro-Insight


Keynote: Digital Transformation: Do or Die?

  • Why it’s key to build capabilities not tools
  • How to create a digital culture that enables and accelerates your business growth
  • Why leadership is key and why you need to enable all our stakeholders, from the board down, to be part of the change
  • Strategies that work when the business resists

Michael Bayler, Founder & Director, The Whole Equation


Making Innovation Happen: work with purpose, meaning and legacy to create change

  • Overcoming resistance to change by challenging the existing state of affairs
  • Collaborating with start-ups, agencies and entrepreneurs to adopt an agile mind-set and innovative ways of working
  • Changing processes and cultivating employees by combining the right talent with new technologies
  • Disabling the fear of failure by creating an experimental approach

Moderator: Ian Hughes, CEO, Consumer Intelligence

Diane Perlman, Global CMO, MassChallenge

Al Moseley, President and Chief Creative Officer, 180 Amsterdam

Bob Nieme, CEO & Co-Founder, Advertisement




Energy Boost Break


The Art of Social Listening

The Art Of Social Listening

  • Discover if your business strategy is contributing to a leading position with your target audience
  • Learn what your customers like and track their actions
  • Uncover your industry influencers and track your competitors
  • Visually chart and report on your digital transformation journey

Clive Roach, Director Digital Social Media
Brand Communications, Global, Philips Lighting


Social Selling

Social Selling

  • Understand why adopting a strategy that harvests enthusiasm for social relationship-building both internally and externally can drive loyalty and sales.
  • Why is social commerce more acceptable?
  • Build the brand of your salespeople and seed ideas into the minds of clients early in the sales cycle
  • Use the right tools to overlay social with other methodologies

Kirsty Montgomery, International CRM Manager, Hunkemöller International BV


Think Forward – Social Trends, AI & Dark Data

  • What trends are changing people’s expectations of how they engage and interact with the world around them?
  • What will Artificial Intelligence and machine learning mean for human intelligence and could it make your staff more productive?
  • How can you start to make sense of unstructured data?

Tom Ollerton, Innovation Director, We Are Social


Re-Fuel & Connect


Welcome Back

Afternoon Moderator

Steve Kemish, Managing Partner, Junction Agency & Lecturer, IDM. Keynote speaker


Leading a Data Lead Customer Centric Vision Cross Functionally in a way that Everyone Will Relate to

  • How should you integrate a system of measurement so that you can make more informed decisions?
  • Master the quality of different data points and fundamentally, identify the limitations of the different data points
  • Make every effort to provide more meaningful data and metrics to drive cultural change for the benefit of your customers
  • Deliver reliable and personalised experiences across every channel
  • Linking CX to business KPI’s

Mel McVeigh, Product Director, Photobox


Roundtable Discussions

Use this time to get involved in roundtable discussions or breakout to have 1-2-1 meetings  in our customised Catch Up area.

Round table sessions include:

  • Requirements of Leadership – Michael Bayler
  • Customer Experience – Ian Hughes
  • Content Marketing – Steve Kemish
  • Data Driven Marketing – Craig Hanna
  • Email Marketing – Dave Littlechild

Ready, Steady, Data Regulation

How will the new Data Protection Regulation affect your marketing?

  • What are the practical impacts of the Regulation?
  • Be clear on the new rules on consent and profiling.
  • Post Regulation world- Data Processors will become liable for some breaches and tighter contracts will need to be in place. Make sure your house is in order.
  • Get to grips with the practicalities of campaigns under the new rules and how databases will need to change to accommodate the rights of consumers.

Rosemary Smith, Director, Data Protection Network


Refresh & Reboot


Focusing Externally NOT Internally

  • Advancing the performance of your digital campaigns by focusing on the right data to reach the right audience
  • Using data to centre on the audience’s real interests and advance the performance of your digital campaigns
  • What is the insight that I can translate into an offer that really sells? (Optimising your search and Facebook campaigns to generate tangible leads and sales)
  • Getting it right with buy in throughout the company with a real commitment to put the needs of the audience above your own
  • Local V’s Global – adapting the approach to be relevant to multiple markets and regions

David Brannigan, Head of Digital, International Markets, Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Limited


Make a Case – Convincing the CFO that Marketing has Real Value

  • Demonstrate the value of marketing to the business
  • Why the inter-relationship with sales really does matter
  • Developing accountable marketing plans and business cases to get the results you want and need

Graham Wylie, Vice President Marketing EMEA, ADP


Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception

At 5pm, it will be time to get to the famous Heineken Brewery bar for an hour of networking and a chance to taste the huge variety of beers that Heineken brew on site.

Also in this time, you can take the Heineken Experience tour but be sure to be back in time for the fabulous dinner cruise along the canals of Amsterdam…



Dinner Cruise along the canals of Amsterdam

Not to be missed!

At 6.30 we will board our private MINT Global canal boat for drinks and snacks while cruising along the canals of Amsterdam. We will then disembark at a carefully selected water front restaurant for our first course, then it’s back on the boat for more drinks, networking and canal cruising.

We then stop at one more fabulous restaurant for the main course followed by dessert and drinks back on the canals.

It’s great fun, a perfect and pleasurable way to network, socialise and wrap up the great MINT Global experience…





What to Expect at MINT GLOBAL 2017


MINT is the newest, brightest and smartest way for international marketers to add some zing to their offerings. It’s an explosion of vibrant and vital programmes especially designed for modern marketers who want to add flair and passion to their working lives.

We offer not-to-be-missed events and unique opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals, all wanting enjoyable ways to be inspired by the experts of our industry in carefully-selected, fabulous cities around the world.

MINT is about Marketing, Innovation, Networking and Technology. We have established ourselves in New York, London and Amsterdam so far, but expect to find us in more cities around the globe. We reject the status-quo of venues and locations, only going to areas that can match the ethos and culture that makes MINT – fresh and forward thinking.

Rather than a tiresome trade show, or a beige buffet of insipid speeches, MINT offers programmes that offer all levels of marketer the chance to connect, to develop and enjoy valuable time with the leading lights of the industry.

MINT exists simply to create an experience of learning and opportunities. Opportunities for like-minded, progressive marketers to come together to Meet, Learn and Share. We are a fellowship of the brilliant, the innovative. The thinkers and the doers.

About the Venue

The Heineken brewery was established in Amsterdam in 1864 and is one of the three largest beer producers in the world.Heineken’s rich and successful history has been presented in their old brewery in the heart of Amsterdam, with several amusement park attractions added to the exhibit and renamed as Amsterdam Heineken Experience.